The idea of Foundation of the International Cooperation and Development has arisen in response to the great need of professionalization of the international cooperation, emphasized by Polish institutions, local governments, organisations and entrepreneurs.

The Polish position in the international community rapidly raised in economic and political terms. It awakened a desire of political and economical expansion to Asia and Africa. Both regions require experience and deep knowledge about the legal, cultural and economic environment. Polish entities in their prospecting opportunities are facing new and previously unknown challenges, exotic and unfamiliar to European-grown companies.

The wide opening of Iranian and Pakistani markets and unexpected restraints on the traditional Russian market pressure Polish entrepreneurs to change the traditional directions of business expansion and to look for new markets and opportunities.

In current EU financial perspective (2015-20) Poland has the last chance to utilize its huge input of 40 billion Euro of EU-funds to improve its economical competitiveness. The success requires not only enhancing the technological and work efficiency but also establishing new economic cooperation ties on the potential import and export markets. It requires a rapid increase of knowledge about foreign markets, its political, cultural and legal environment.

Our Foundation is based on an extensive knowledge as well as large business and political connections of our international partners. We are cooperating with politicians, lawyers, activists and local leaders. Our network allows us to assist in finding an investor, a client, a partner, a new technology, in finding resources, to analyse local markets, organize a trade mission or to facilitate an international cooperation of local governments and organizations.

The foreign entities which intent to start or enhance its activity in Poland will find the Foundation as an ideal partner for executing its plans.




Serge Blaise Nkounkou

Chair of the Board

International relations specialist

Dr Wojciech Szewko

Dr Wojciech Szewko


International relations expert. Lecturer in Collegium Civitas. Former deputy Minister of Science, advisor to Prime Minister, deputy chairman of the Scientific Research State Comitee and the General Council of Science and Higher Education.